Vision & Philosophy

‘’The relation between the voice, the body, the mind and emotions are fascinating to me.

The voice the body and the mind are not separate. They are all connected. And so therefor your emotions influence the way you sound. When you are singing I can hear where you are, where you are singing from. We can hear a lot of emotional nuances in sound. So I teach intuitively, because every person is different.

Every body is different. Every sound is different and especially every persons emotional pallet is different.

With me it’s not about singing right or wrong, because such a thing does not exist. It’s about expressing. It’s about learning how to express, and being happy with what you do–  for yourself. And for sure other people will like it.  There will always be people who like it and who don’t. But that’s not up to you and it does not have to influence the way you express your sound .

It takes a lot of energy, to hold back on who you are. To hold back on your sound,– to hold it all inside.

It’s called voice freedom because through your voice you can free yourself. Free yourself to be who you are. Free yourself to be who you want to be. Express yourself. Be your full self. Freeing your voice is for you, to be able to be and accept yourself.’’
– Mirna Attia

Voice Freedom

I teach vocals in a holistic way. In these sessions we focus first on freeing the voice, getting in touch with our bodies and our breath. We learn to improvise. Use different vocal and sound techniques. Find your own voice, sound and what it is that you would like to express.

I give individual guidance in both English and Dutch.


Due to the Corona virus I am able to give online sessions to students with clear audio quality through Skype


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“Improvising is something we can all do and can all learn. As a child we are improvising constantly. So my vision is that you don’t need to learn to improvise, you just need to find a way to access it. This is something very important, because music is already in you. It’s in every-body.”
– Mirna Attia

We learn different techniques to make it easier for you to improvise. To be able to create something you like, you’ll need to find out what is is that you like and how to be able to express them. I teach in two ways: from the heart and from the mind. I believe we need both to feel free in improvisation. Understanding what you do, and feeling free to do so. It’s mostly up to you what you want to learn and how you learn best. If you thrive in more technical lessons I can teach you all the technical tools you need for improvising. If you thrive in intuitive lessons then we will implement all these techniques intuitively. You will learn to access your own ‘palette’ of sound and colours. Allowing you to consciously shape different improvisations.

Finding your own voice, sound and what it is that you want to express.
From this we can continue on to creating your own compositions and/or songs.

Composition & Song Writing

Creating your own music is in my opinion one of the most beautiful things to do. To create something of your own, that contains your emotions, your expression; your vibe. The process of extracting an idea to a creation is a beautiful transition. It goes from one idea that only exists in the mind to something that finds it’s place in ‘reality’.

There are different types of compositions; songs with a ‘typical’ structure like pop songs, songs created for dance, music created as a journey, music created for visual arts like film etc. For every composition style, one can start from different starting points or look at it from different angels. I work at different ‘levels’. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never composed a song or if you have been composing a lot.


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